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Brassica Information Portal

The Brassica Information Portal is a web repository for population and trait scoring information related to the Brassica breeding community. It provides information about quantitative trait loci and links curated Brassica phenotype experimental data with genotype information stored in external data sources. Advanced data submission capabilities and APIs enable users to store and publish their own study results in our Portal.

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Browse and query more than 100 thousand trait scores, and look for related QTLs in a variety of Brassica subspicies.

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Submit your experimental Brassica population data along with scored traits and identified genetic mappings to be published in the Portal.

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Perform genome-wide association study to identify genetic variants underpinning phenotypic trait variability.

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Learn how to integrate your own software with our Portal in order to automatically retrieve and submit large quantities of data.

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Latest user submissions

  • RIPRTraits scored: leaf nitrogen content
    Submitted on 26 Jul 13:48 UTC
    DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.1321978
  • RIPRTraits scored: mineral and ion content related trait · cobalt concentration · Leaf Silver concentration · Leaf Aluminium concentration · Leaf Arsenic concentration · Leaf Boron concentration · Leaf Calcium concentration · Leaf Cadmium concentration · Leaf Chromium concentration · Leaf Caesium concentration · Leaf Copper concentration · Leaf Iron concentration · Leaf Potassium concentration · Leaf Magnesium concentration · Leaf Manganese concentration · Leaf Molybdenum concentration · Leaf Sodium concentration · Leaf Nickel concentration · Leaf Phosphorus concentration · Leaf Lead concentration · Leaf Rubidium concentration · Leaf Sulphur concentration · Leaf Selenium concentration · Leaf Strontium concentration · Leaf Titanium concentration · Leaf Uranium concentration · Leaf Vanadium concentration · Leaf Zinc concentration
    Submitted on 08 Feb 12:04 UTC
    DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.59937
  • RIPRTraits scored: Seed Arsenic concentration · Seed Boron concentration · Seed Calcium concentration · Seed Cadmium concentration · Seed Cobalt concentration · Seed Chromium concentration · Seed Copper concentration · Seed Iron concentration · Seed Potassium concentration · Seed Lithium concentration · Seed Magnesium concentration · Seed Manganese concentration · Seed Molybdenum concentration · Seed Sodium concentration · Seed Nickel concentration · Seed Phosphorus concentration · Seed Lead concentration · Seed Rubidium concentration · Seed Sulphur concentration · Seed Selenium concentration · Seed Strontium concentration · Seed Zinc concentration
    Submitted on 08 Feb 12:04 UTC
    DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.59936
  • RIPRTraits scored: Lateral root density · Lateral root number · Primary root length · Mean lateral root length · Lateral root length · Total root length
    Submitted on 08 Feb 12:04 UTC
    DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.59927

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