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About Us

Our Mission

Our first goal is to make Brassica crop data openly accessible and available in a standardised and well-described manner. We collaborate with Elixir, and Biosamples to make the hosted data findable and interoperable with analysis tools and re-usable among the scientific community.

Earlham Institute

The Earlham Institute (EI) is a vibrant contemporary research institute working in an area of rapid technological development and innovation. Our mission is to advance bioscience by enabling and developing computational and genomics data-driven approaches in biology. We build our excellence in genomics and computational bioscience to develop the Norwich Research Park as a world-leading centre in bioinformatics and applied biotechnology. Please consult EI website to learn more about us, our goals and the current projects we run.

Brassica Information Portal Team

BIP source code is available at GitHub and the internal data model is presented in this diagram. Please get in touch with ideas and patches to further improve it, we are always happy to accept new contributors.

BIP shows impact

Further information on the Projects related to the Brassica Information Portal can be found in the general project description from the Earlham Institute. The Brassica Information Portal has received a lot of attention after our press release. The Eastern Daily Press and Agri-Tech East wrote articles in response to the press release. The Brassica Information Portal was also represented in an article in the Newsletter from the Arabidopsis community (GARNish_25). A blog entry explains to the public why Brassica crops are important and brilliant- have a look at Brilliant Brassica. The first workshop on how to use the database has been held on the 7.09.2016. Training material for this workshop is available here and you can follow the instructions in your own time.

Below is a list of links relevant to the Brassica Community:


This work was supported by UK Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council as part of the BBSRC Renewable Industrial Products from Rapeseed (RIPR) Programme (BB/L002124/1).

The underlying database schema is derived from the CropStoreDB schema ver.7 (Love et al 2012, doi: 10.1111/j.1744-7909.2012.01120.x ). Incorporated vocabularies include Gramene taxonomy (release 26.04.2013), plant ontology (release 19.05.2016) and trait ontology (release 12.11.2015), used under Planteome and Gramene projects licenses.